Our History

North Texas Capital Advisors is located at Neighborhood Credit Union, which began in 1930 as the Dallas Postal Credit Union. With over 15 locations in North Texas, we’re able to meet our clients at a branch that is convenient for them and in a Neighborhood they know.

Our business is rooted in the credit union values of family and community. We offer dependable, consistent investment management services. We understand our clients' needs; our methods and approach are clear and direct, and our guidance is customizable for each client and continues to change alongside their life changes. 

Our clients include but are not limited to both federal and private sectors.  We are proud to say that our client base grows through many avenues.  These avenues include referrals from current clients, Credit Union referrals, and others that find us via web site searches craving individual customizable financial partnership.

Our clients are taken care of ethically and they know we focus on them and their needs – not the sizes of their bank accounts.

Building and nurturing one-on-one client relationships is intrinsic to our business and we’re proud to be a part of the North Texas community.

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